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Myofascial technique: How it Works And What it Treats

Updated: Sep 10

Pain is often the result of tight muscles. The health practitioners at Natural Care Chiropractic in Lindenhurst are highly trained in a variety of techniques to maintain whole-body health. While we provide adjustments to misaligned joints, relieving pain and restoring muscle and soft tissue function often requires manual therapy, as well.

Our muscles need lots of nutrient-rich blood to rebuild and maintain themselves. Unfortunately, when they swell in response to a subluxation or injury, it is harder for blood to get where it needs to go. Manual therapy techniques are designed to release tight muscles. The Myofascial technique of manual therapy releases overly tight connective tissue, called fascia, which binds muscle fibers together. To understand how to release fascia, a practitioner needs a detailed understanding of anatomy.

Myofascial technique is not the only kind of manual therapy. We also offer trigger point therapy, which targets complex intersections of muscles and tendons, and specialized approaches for the lymphatic system and are certified for people who are pregnant. On the preventive side, it is important for people to warm up before engaging in vigorous movement in order to prevent their muscles from tightening up. We can also help them get better nutrition to keep their muscles supplied with optimal fuel.

Dr. Mark Freund and Dr. Nicole Gopaul are the directors of Natural Care Chiropractic at 2118 East Grand Avenue, Lindenhurst, Illinois, 60046. To schedule an appointment, visit our request an appointment page or call 847-265-0600.

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