Office Ergonomics

If you work in an office or find yourself sitting the majority of the day, Drs. Mark Freund and Nicole Gopaul recommend Office Ergonomics. This is the science of adjusting your workspace to meet your physical needs. It both reduces pain and discomfort while increasing your productivity. Learn more by contacting Natural Care Chiropractic in Lindenhurst, IL. Your desk is the key factor in your ergonomic success. It is where you most likely spend the majority of your day. Making sure your desk is suited to your needs is crucial. First, adjust the desk to your height. Check that it isn’t too short or tall. Adjust everything that sits on your desk so it’s within reach. This prevents you from stra

Chronic Knee Pain

Does your knee feel sore when you run or walk up stairs? You may be suffering from an overuse injury. Our doctors at Natural Care Chiropractic in Lindenhurst are experts in holistic, non-addictive means of restoring patients’ biomechanical function and have lots of solutions available for each patient’s unique needs. Let’s take a look at what is commonly happening when people have runner’s knee, or patellofemoral syndrome. The kneecap is a sesamoid bone, which means that it floats outside the rest of the skeleton. It is located in a cartilage-filled groove at the base of the femur and is held in place by tendons and ligaments. When the tendons get frayed or become overly tight, the kneecap m


Have you ever felt a sharp, hot pain shoot from your shoulder to your fingertips? In sports, those are commonly called stingers or burners, and they’re a nerve injury. Although they don’t usually last long, they can recur and become worse, which is why we at Natural Care Chiropractic in Lindenhurst want our patients to know we have treatment options available. Stingers are caused by compression of the nerves in the shoulder. Several nerves that originate from the cervical region of the spine (the neck) bundle together in the shoulder before traveling down the arm. When the head is violently thrust in a different direction from the shoulder, as happens frequently in contact sports, the patien

Carrying Heavy Objects

If you’ve suffered a herniated disc in the past, you’re at greater risk for suffering one in the future. We provide a comprehensive set of treatments at Natural Care Chiropractic in Lindenhurst, including therapy for bones and soft tissues. But to assist with our patients’ preventive efforts, we wanted to provide some instruction on what to do if you ever have to move a large object. Always make inquiries about using a dolly to carry large things. Regardless of whether one is available, you’ll want to clear the way of obstacles and prop open every door between the object and its destination before you start moving it. Wear slip-resistant shoes and remove anything loose from your body that mi

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