More on the neck and the bite!

I received so many good comments and questions about the last information posted regarding TMJ and the neck! I wanted to share another image that may help explain the connection between the bite and the neck and the rest of the spinal alignment. The figure on the left with the green shows optimal balance between the head and the shoulders and spine. Dead Center! As the head is held forward due to many things, “Text Neck” constant computer usage, an unknown need for a different eyeglass prescription while using a computer, neck pain from a car accident or as mentioned earlier this week, an imbalanced bite (called a mal-occlusion in the dental world). All of these things will cause compensatio

Your bite and your neck how are they related?

Many patients with the diagnosis of TMJ (Temporal Mandibular Joint Dysfunction) or TMD have symptoms directly related to the head such as headache, migraine, neck pain, shoulder pain etc... with the potential of structural issues all the way down to the feet. The image posted here illustrates the relationship between the bite (what happens when the teeth come together) and the top most vertebrae of the neck which sit right below and influence the position and posture of the head. When the bite is not exactly right the physical force of the miss-alignment has a point in the neck that will influence the alignment of the rest of the spine. The top vertebrae will compensate due to the aberrant f

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The Lost Art of Bending Over

This interesting article illustrates how other cultures deal with back pain through everyday postural habits.

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